Volume 3 / Fall 2020

On the Precipice of the Unknown, a letter from the editor, MM Carrigan

All I want is for my sister to Live Más J.C. Rodriguez

Cinnabon Boy James Morris

“What can I get for you today?” Noreen Ocampo

Double Decker Elegy Aaron Burch

Job Fiesta Rosa Leff

Tacos for Teachers (May It Fill Their Bellies Like It Never Filled Mine) Denzel X. Scott

Last Shift at the Johnstown Mall K. Joffré

Ceci n’est pas une tripelupa Manda Comisari

Fathomless, for my kind friend Luc Glennys Egan

Stuck in Second Gear Sam Heaps

Nothing On It Aaron Muller

Lincoln Heights Taco Bell Kai Ming McKenzie

Cheese Quesadillas and the Thing About Parenthood Adam Shaw

Suburban Blues; or, Fuck Norman Rockwell Amee Nassrene Broumand

Live Menos! Amy Freeman

Baby Bell Nicky Gonzalez

Deconstructed, reconstructed beef glory supreme Mark Wilson

A Taco Bell Outside of Time Danny Caine

A Passing Moment of Clarity at a Popular Cantina Chain Carly Dudek

The World Can Be Elise Triplett

Secret Menu Joe Aguilar

Drive Thru Comic Santiago Gaughan

Thick Summer KJ Shepherd

When the world wants you dead, Taco Bell can keep you alive Lane Chasek

Sketches Jared Schwartz

Hotcakes Rochelle Hurt

I’d Be a Lake Sara McNally

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