M.M. Carrigan, Editor-in-Chief, Taco Bell Quarterly

Carrigan is a queer, trans, and nonbinary writer from Baltimore, Maryland. Their essays examining pop culture have appeared in VICE, Bon Appetit, Eater, Literary Hub, The Rumpus, and more. Their interviews have appeared in Vox, Salon, Food & Wine, The New York Post, and Mental Floss. They received a non-elite, bastard child Masters in Writing degree from Johns Hopkins University which has not yet come close to returning the investment their parents said it would.  You can follow more of their work here and on Twitter @mmcarrigan.

Brooke Kolcow, Deputy Editor and Snack Mechanic

Kolcow is a queer & trans writer, artist, editor, and performer living in the Rust Belt. They previously worked as an associate editor for The Southampton Review and as a guest editor for volume 1, issue 3 of Words & Sports Quarterly (of the Extended Hobart Universe)Mx. Kolcow was published in the first volume of Taco Bell Quarterly and has lived más ever since. You can find more of their work here and follow them on Twitter: @bkolcow 

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