A Passing Moment of Clarity at a Popular Cantina Chain

when I was
released from the
psych ward, the
first thing i
wanted was taco
bell from the
taco bell on
east wooster street.

here is an
oasis of chaos
and joy that
i hoped would
bleed into my
disrupted psyche. at
the very least
a good meal.

i thought spaghetti
would be a
safe choice during
my stay, but
it ran translucent
and watery and
it was not
familiar and warm.

when i returned
home, my friends
felt for me,
and wanted to
help how they
could-they brought
me to our
little, other home.

one ordered two
cheesy bean and
rice burritos, one
a spicy tostada.
i sipped baja
blast and stared
at the words
on the wall.

live mas
live mas
live mas

Carly Dudek holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a passion for writing. Her academic interests are in mental illness, literary adaptation, and aesthetics. She currently works in Residence Life at an arts boarding school, and her Taco Bell order is two soft tacos and a Baja Blast.

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