Quarantine Cocktails by Denice Celley

note from the editor by M.M. Carrigan


everyone at the KFC-Taco Bell drive-thru is on their way to the pro wrestling show by Catherine Weiss

Spondylolisthesis, or why I eat Taco Bell by KB Brookins

Princess Diaries No. 3: Pool by Caleb Nichols

Niche Shift by Jacob Budenz (content warning)

Un Espinela to a White Friend by J. Villanueva

It’s Supposed to Look Random by Claire Gallagher

Like Us by Raye Hendrix

The One Familiar Place by Tyler Robert Sheldon

taco bell chapel by Helen Ho

TBQH by Cynthia Arrieu-King

Waste Hierarchy (Mild, Hot, Fire, Diablo) by Sam Hernandez

Happy Birthday, from Taco Bell ❤ by W.C. Perry (content warning)


Vagrant by Bear

Douvetine’s Walk by Amos Leager

At The Combination Prose / Poem / Songs

virgin burrito by Tejaswinee Roychowdhury

All I want is a Crunchwrap by Lucas Scheelk


On Guacamole That Comes Out of a Squirt Gun by sheena d.


Monkey Brains by Aditya Desai


Taco Bell on Film by Phil Donohue


Blood Clots by Brianna Di Monda

Big Phipps Climbs the High Dive by Brendan Gillen

Vicky by A.A. de Levine

Saturn Devouring His Crunchwrap Supreme by Hannah Gregory

At This Week’s Meeting of the Young Mountain Movers by Kyle Seibel

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Comic by Brian Gutierrez

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