Quarantine Cocktails

Denice Celley has been making art from a very early age, and her art is not centered around a singular medium or style. She graduated from College of Charleston in 2016 with a BA in Fine Art and a BA in Psychology. She is now currently in London, studying for her MA in Art History and Visual Cultures. Her art can be purchased here.

 As for the case of “Quarantine Cocktails” it was created during the difficult time of the pandemic lockdowns. Like most people, she found herself with more free time after losing her job. This painting was something to bring a little bit of fun back into her studio.

With her long standing love affair of mixing baja blast with any alcohol, an obsession with limes, and her opinion that the best before-during-after drinking food being something from taco bell doused in fire sauce, this painting summed up her personality and memories of friends. She is happy this painting continues to give her and her friends a good laugh, and hopes others have a similar connection to the painting.  

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