Year five of the Franchise Wars: The all-new Bell Bistro triumphs amidst the food shortage

The scabs are extra if you want scabs / they’re extra because they take time. / This isn’t a drive-thru want hangnails with your pus / packets kind of joint. / If you want that / go cross the street, / they’ll lend you a razor. / You think they sterilize anything? / We specialize in mindful cleanliness. // They don’t even have a drip bar. / We’ve got three vintages and / a board-certified anesthesiologist / behind our dining curtain. / And we use the freshest ingredients: / You and you and you now. / Más y más y más alive. / For you the people / by us the people. / Welcome to forever cuisine / where the pork pulls you. / Everything we do so / deliberate. / There are no accidents in this kitchen.

JR Walsh teaches Poetry and Fiction in the Creative Writing Program at SUNY Oswego, where he seeks to prepare others in building new delicious worlds that will survive the Franchise Wars. He’s also the Online Editor at The Citron Review. For more taco life: Be HAD. To live más in general:

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