Vegetarian Options

Have you ever been a drunk vegetarian
driving up in the wet dark, the night
bugs and the highway and the music turned down,
trying to get beans in your crunchwrap?

And realizing that the ee in beef and the ee in bean
sound too similar, and the sounds on the edges
don’t hit as hard? But it’s good with beans, 
and the beans don’t have any lard in them,
if that’s what you’re worried about, 
if you haven’t tried it, the last bite sour cream 
and nacho cheese and fire sauce
in the cold green mountain air.

It’s the right thing to do to get something in
your stomach at this point, and really 
you should eat beans every day. 

But what you appreciate is the crunchwrap
is basically good at heart, a pure corn tortilla,
and then everything sort of layered and the flour tortilla
folded in that little spiral and 
just so lightly grilled. Just so neat 
with all the mess tucked in. 

Sally Seck is a poet from Southwest Virginia to Southern Colorado, via the Jack Kerouac School. She’s been published in Bombay Gin, Gesture Literary Journal, Twenty Bellows, etc., and she’s been on a several-years-long Crunchwrap Supreme kick.

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