two little brown girls

On Tuesday, two little brown girls sit outside the Taco Bell on East Alisal for the free wifi so they can do their schoolwork. A dique Activist takes their picture and throws that shit up on Instagram. The People get hella twisted over the city and school district not providing everything little brown girls need to do their schoolwork. Activist adds a Gofundme link to her bio. Puts up another post begging for money to help little brown girls doing their schoolwork outside Taco Bells across the country! The People give money to the Activist. In a surprise to literally nobody, she’s a failed club promoter looking for a new grift. I’d say this shit was hella funny if it wasn’t so predictable. I see you getting up, but we’re not done here. The People get mad at Activist. They demand transparency from the person tryna get rich off a sad picture. Activist relents. She puts up a straight up miserable picture of the little brown girls and their mom in a hotel room. Says they got kicked outta their spot and cops tried to take the little brown girls from their mom. The People give Activist more money. I know, I know. Pendejos. But then, get this, Politician gets involved! Seems like sad little brown girls make for good optics all around. He says cops got no record of checking on the kids. Are we more surprised that Activist lied, or that the cops didn’t care to check on little brown girls? Sepa wey, it’s all jokes. Anyways. Activist and Politician trade insults on Instagram. Lots of, he said she said. The People still mad, but at this point who knows what about. Politician says he’ll make sure the little brown girls get the Gofundme money. Activist says she’s starting a nonprofit with her scummy boyfriend to help Children in Need™. Politician says the city is working with the two little brown girls and their mom. The People think this is a happy ending all around. Outrage over.  

On Friday, two little brown girls sit outside Taco Bell for the free wifi so they can do their schoolwork. 

Marcos Damián León is a teacher and writer from the Salinas Valley. He holds an MFA from The University of California, Riverside, and is pursuing a PhD at Texas Tech University. His work has appeared in The LA Review of Books, The Acentos Review, 8 Poems, The Monterey County Weekly, and others. He can be found @damleon on Instagram and @damleon24 on Twitter.

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