you’re gonna need a bigger boat, lit world – a letter from the editor


Still Open, After All These Years by Michael B. Tager

Opossom by Corey Farrenkopf

Crazy, Stupid, Tacos by Nicole Zhu

Taco Belles by Daniel Mickelsen

How to Have a Supremely Good Time by Ben Shahon

Four Things by Miranda Manzano


two little brown girls by Marcos Damián León

Hobbling towards Living Más: Detangling Crip Identity and Labor by Adam Hubrig

Mostly True Stories

Unspoken Rules of Family Road Trip by Halley Fehner

Dishwater Burrito by Brittney Uecker

Surfing the Neon Purple Light by Keith James

Personal Essay

No Sauce by Katrina Prow

2017 by Sam Roos

The Art of Negotiation by Dena Rod

The Last Coffee Date by Kelly Lindell


sez fatherman by Steven Alvarez

Field Notes (from Champion, Ohio) by Matt Mitchell

Birthday Tacos by Sidney Wollmuth

The Artist of Trickham Road by William Hicks

sunday things/someday things by Megan Cannella

She Was Fine Two Weeks Before by Robert Beveridge

Vegetarian Options by Sally Seck

One (1) Poem by Homeless

6 modern haiku for a taco bell drive thru by Brandon Thomas DiSabatino

Why We Got Kicked Out of the Taco Bell in Downers Grove, IL by Tim Stafford


Eating Vegan Burritos in the Taco Bell Parking Lot During a Snowstorm by Matthew Schultz

when a woman in the taco bell drive-thru gets out of her car to pay for her order because her driver’s side window doesn’t roll down, i’m reminded of my mother, rhonda by Josh Olsen

Mtn Dew in Mt. Ephraim by Jason Love


FOURTHMEAL by Andrew Leamon and Christopher Peterson

An Ode to the Taco Party Pack by John “Hoss” Taylor


My Last by Tyler Fairbairn

baja / chalupa / cinnamon / fries by Cheyanne Lobo

Closing Benedictions

Shoutout to the G.O.A.T. Upstairs by Charles March

Please Drive Through by Kit O’ Hallaron

Her Name Was Santa Fe by Brian T. Yee

They Weren’t Even That Good by Austin Hendricks

On the Nature of the Supreme by John Chrostek

Psalm 299. by TJ Fuller

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