Cover image

A dreamy drawing of a golden colored dog in an official-looking Taco Bell logo hat with a yellow brim sits wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket with a lit, smokey joint in its mouth.

Vibrant graffiti-style paint writing and splocthes read "Taco Bell Quarterly, Volume 6. Spring 2023 Free/Fresh/New Lit"

Below the messy paint you can barely see the top of an old issue of "The Paris Review." A green paint "f" has transformed the word "art" in "prose interviews poetry art" into the word "fart"

Download Taco Bell Quarterly Volume 6 in PDF for best reading experience!

letter from the editor / acknowledgements

Oma Unwinds / Oma (With Lump) on Bed of Nachos Supreme by Ronan Sampson

This Taco Bell is Sinking into the Boiling Sea by Sunny Rosen

Staircase wit by Rhiannon McGavin

Dear White Women, by Mari Ramler

I’d Like a Medium Drink, Please by Erin Rosen

tbq ideas by Lev Littner

Bachelorette Country by Travis Dahlke

Don’t Worry, the Dog Survives by Reneé Bibby

Finding an Existential Crisis in the Taco Bell Dumpster by Molly Amundson and S.M. Hallow

A story which is fiction in case my dad reads it by A.H.

Upon getting bored of Nietzsche and birdwatching in the Taco Bell drive thru by Kaydance Rice

1414 N. Rutherford Blvd by Geyl Wells

do asians dream of perfect sleep? by Thanh Bui

Floating Baby Day by M.A. Boswell

I Pay Extra to Doordash Taco Bell by C. Heyne

Full Circle Routine by Shalida A. Askanazi

Dream of the Bell / Mid-Century Más / Live Mas by Ruthenium

Love Letters to the Beefy Nacho Griller by K. Allysson Wright

Semiprecious by AJ White

Year five of the Franchise Wars:
The all-new Bell Bistro triumphs amidst the food shortage
by JR Walsh

 A Taco Bell Dystopia by R.E. Parrish

Tacorotica: A Fire Sauce Seduction by Rae Knowles

Four Endings To A Grindr Romance by Mark Bessen

Ode to My Mother Pissing into a Mountain Dew Baja Blast Cup by Terri Linn Davis

Ode to Big Chungus by Mike Good

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