Oma Unwinds / Oma (With Lump) On Bed of Nachos Supreme

Same dog image from the cover.

A dreamy drawing of a golden colored dog in an official-looking Taco Bell logo hat with a yellow brim sits wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket with a lit, smokey joint in its mouth.
Oma Unwinds
close-up drawing of presumably the same dog, Oma, as above. Her belly, swollen and lumpy nipples, bottoms of paws showing, languishing on a bed of nachos.
Oma (With Lump) On Bed of Nachos Supreme

Artist Statement: My work is concerned with understanding periods of pain, struggle, and loss as transitional, taking refuge in the passage of time and the certainty that all things will continue to change and become something entirely new. This often extends to celebrating the beauty in the traditionally abject, damaged, or grotesque. My fascination with deterioration and regrowth informs the subjects of much of my art, pulling from often overlapping themes of poverty, trauma, disability, addiction, religion, and nature.

Ronan Sampson is a multimedia artist and writer based in Michigan. Their work explores themes of class struggle and community and celebrates how queer friendship and love regularly saves them from the pervasive threats of poverty and alcoholism.  Ronan is an avid fan of Chicken Chipotle Melts, experimental poetry, and his beloved dog Oma.

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