Letter from Editor Grande Supreme

Welcome to Volume 2 of Taco Bell Quarterly, the literary magazine for literary Taco Bell writing. What is “literary Taco Bell writing?” In a word, it’s bullshit. And perhaps I’m bullshitting you. Perhaps this is a big, fantastic joke. Have a seat, have a laugh on us, have a Chalupa, smoke a joint, sip a beer, we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it. This is true.

Let me try again. What is “literary Taco Bell writing?” It is, by definition, “having a marked style intended to create an emotional affect,” as pertaining to Taco Bell. This is also true.

Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. Some people want to watch the world burn. Some people want to fill the world with Taco Bell writing.

Taco Bell is our medium, our conduit. Our stream of consciousness, our source of sustenance. I invite you to read Volume 2 seeking the source of your pain, your hunger, your dreams. I invite you to seek, as these writers have, where your Taco Bell lies.

Taco Bell is a site of mecca. A site of salvation and starvation. A wedding site. A murder site. A site of the American Dream itself, with its youth and nostalgia and hope. It is also the American nightmare, its poverty and wastelands and darkness.

Perhaps Taco Bell represents our collective muse, our national craving. Then again, perhaps I’m bullshitting you. I invite you to seek the truth in these pages, and as always, live más.

M.M. Carrigan
Editor Grande Supreme
February 2020

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