Imagining Our Taco Bell Wedding

Let us indulge, just this once.
Let us revel in selling out
And make a four-flush of all the years and meaning behind our love upon the tiles of a Vegas Flagship store.
Can you picture it?


with my sauce bouquet. My dress skimming the peeled off condiment tops scattered down the aisle in place of petals.


in your sauce boutonniere. Looking sharper than a nachos’ edge as if you’re the new spokesperson.


standing before that arch of white light with silhouetted logo bells so cartoonish and big we can almost hear them bong.
As we exchange rings and our vows cheesier than anything that has ever been on the menu.
We say our “I do’s” and kiss, then stomp on the hard shell Chalupa Supreme we ordered as our chuppah glass.
Can you taste it?


A fresh pair, clinking flutes brimful with Baja Blast in a toast to all the brands, big and small, that brought us this far.

Gail Bello is from Waltham Massachusetts. She is a recent BFA grad who writes poetry and plays and is looking forward to whatever comes next with a positive and hopeful heart. Find her previous publications at She is thrilled and honored to be part of the abusurdity that is Taco Bell Quarterly. Follow her on Twitter @AquajadeGail

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