Exischiztheology of a Taco

Ghostly taco drifts in dreams

Preternatural / Non-volitional

Visions are conditional on the bridge to beans

Born of meat / Center seat in nacho fields

I yield

For Mountain Dew bled in streams

Strip reeds from bubbles like Jesus

Gathered children to the mouth of God


For the Mild Sauce

Toss pico, rice, and loss into tortilla shells

Meant for covering what’s inside the ride

Tide rises

Hunger breeds a bloom

Body moves to counters 

Like bones buried in snow

Whispered into nothing

  “Would you like to try our new taco?”

Jake Bailey is a schizotypal experientialist with published or forthcoming work in The American Journal of Poetry, Cream City Review, Constellations, Bear Review, The Laurel Review, and elsewhere. Find him online on Twitter (@SaintJakeowitz) and at saintjakeowitz.wordpress.com.

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