(according to multiple authors of online reviews)

I'll start by saying that I'm from Indiana, which means
I've had some authentic Mexican food in my day.
Taco Bell is a contributing factor to my mental stability.
Depressed? Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Stressed? Fiesta
Potatoes. Going through a break-up? Cinnabon Bites.
What a family I have at Taco Bell! The environment
is clean and safe. Last week, they wished me Happy
Mother’s Day, and even though I’m not a Mom,
they said save it for future reference! Food was very
good and I have never been a fan. I am very happy
with the cup used for my drink. I met my spouse
at a Taco Bell and we've been together for nearly
ten years. So obviously, bean burritos (no onion)
are the secret to a healthy long term relationship.
As a side note: not very appetizing to see
men’s pants falling off their butts. You know,
a TV in the dining area would be nice.
I know it’s bad for you, but I just keep coming back.
Suddenly, war ceases. Santa comes to town. Birds
sing. Mosquitoes never bite again. All thanks to this
very Taco Bell which is saving America and the world,
one Baja Blast at a time. I definitely have a problem.
But it’s so good.

Nancy Cook ( is a writer, teaching artist, and completely recovered lawyer. She runs “The Witness Project,” a program of free community writing workshops in Minneapolis designed to enable creative work by underrepresented voices. Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize she has been awarded grants from, among others, the Minnesota State Arts Board, the National Parks Arts Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, and Integrity Arts and Culture. Some of her newest work can be found in Channel Magazine, decomp journal, and the Michigan Quarterly Review.

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