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Andrew Leamon is many things: comic book writer, copywriter, playwright, sketch comedy writer, karaoke god, a human cheeseburger, etc. He wrote the comics WE THE DREAMERS and HOPE VALLEY. His go-to Taco Bell order is five soft tacos and a large Pepsi. He has several comics in the works, so he hopes you follow him along his journey. Feel free to follow him on Twitter at @aleams or visit his website at

Christopher Peterson has been drawing and occasionally writing comics for the past 16 years. He has self-published off and on including anthologies, one-shots and limited series, one of which garnered a Shuster Award nomination. Recent works have been the GRINDHOUSE series from Dark Horse Comics, MAYDAY from Black Mask, and BROKEN WORLD from Boom! Studios, plus various others from Image, BOOM, STELA and Dark Horse.

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