everyone at the KFC-Taco Bell drive-thru is on their way to the pro wrestling show

the chevy in front of us orders chicken for six
mashed potatoes      gravy on the side

i turn to my husband      whisper melodramatically
we could have had a family too

and wonder what percent i am joking
what percent i want      to order some small human a taco

i don’t actually understand the rules
but i know if the ref counts three then it’s done

whenever a wrestler climbs the ropes
i picture the rehearsal leap      bodies flung and caught

during intermission      a man holds his baby like a trophy
while a woman takes their photo at the ring

i am not the fattest person in the room
unremarkable      as an exhale      a bear mask

or a gold top hat the widest men      you’ve ever seen
crash through a door propped up on folding chairs

this is the finale      and i have questions such as
what would my wrestling persona be? and

are there leagues for disabled people?
at 35      i have almost decided i will be happy

by staying happy i have almost decided      the sound
of a body percussing the mat would be enough

Catherine Weiss is a poet and artist from Maine. Their poetry has been published in Tinderbox, Up the Staircase, Fugue, perhappened, Birdcoat, Bodega, Counterclock, petrichor, HAD, and Flypaper Lit. Catherine is the artist behind the collaborative poetry chapbook/card deck I WISH I WASN’T ROYALTY (Game Over Books, 2020). They are also the author of chapbook-length poem, FERVOR (Ginger Bug Press, 2021) and full-length poetry collection, WOLF GIRLS VS. HORSE GIRLS (Game Over Books, 2021). More at catherineweiss.com.

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