Eating Vegan Burritos in the Taco Bell Parking Lot During a Snowstorm

A flake of snow shivers from the green-grey sky 
	slow and steady and solitary, 
whisked down like that first white hair unacknowledged
	upon an otherwise russet brow 
suddenly calicoed with age. A bitter thread that, if plucked,
	might lead us back to springtime
sounds of belching bullfrogs and drumming snipes,
	or those balmy, small-town nights 
when we howled languorous at the Sturgeon Moon,
	its khaki haze illuminating
fingers pulling at fire sauce packets like lovers undressing 
	one another for the very first time.

Matthew Schultz (he/him) teaches creative writing at Vassar College. The nearest Taco Bell is exactly one-half of a mile away from the northernmost campus gate. Matt is the author of two novels––On Coventry and We, The Wanted––both of which are best read while scarfing bean burritos with potatoes added and quaffing fountain Dr. Pepper. In addition to his recent work appearing in rad literary journals such as The Daily Drunk Magazine, Sledgehammer Review, and Really Serious Literature, Matt also has a collection of prose poems forthcoming from ELJ Editions in May 2022. It’s kind of like those few cinnamon twists waiting to be discovered in the bottom of the bag!

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