Dream of the Bell / Mid-Century Más / Live Más

Kaleidoscopic geometric patterns in purple, pink, tortilla yellow, and green, with hints of the taco bell logo (the bell),
Dream of the Bell
Bright yellow kaleidoscopic pattern with red and neon green, shadows of the bell of taco bell.
Mid-Century Más
light blue pattern with slightly darker blue bell prints and the words "Live Mas" spelled in a yellow cheese sauce with shades of red hot sauce hinted at beneath.
Live Más

Dream of the Bell and Mid-Century Más are made up of logos from burrito wrappings and chip bags, as well as the texture of the nacho chips. The message in Live Más was made by daubing nacho cheese atop a mix of hot sauces, using a broken chip as a paintbrush. I was compelled by the bell.

Artist Statement: I’m an artist and writer who makes weird art. Most of my art starts off with plain images from nature and/or everyday life, which I then tweak and twist and layer until they’re something else entirely. I’m @Ruthenium_Art on Twitter and Instagram. I spent longer taking pictures of the various textures and symbols on the packaging from my Taco Bell
order than I did actually eating the food; then I stayed up way past my bedtime, sucked into an art-
making trance (I love those.)

Ruthenium is a nonbinary artist currently living in the state of uncertainty. They are obsessed with texture, context, light, the question “what if?”, and creativity as a whole. They’ve been published in Celestite Poetry, Vulnerary Magazine, Messy Misfits Magazine, and Warning Lines Literary, among other wonderful places. Ruthenium is a general editor for Renaissance Review, and has guest edited for Rabble Review. Their various presences and publications can be found at https://linktr.ee/Ruthenium

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