A Taco Bell Dystopia

Two-panel comic titled "A Taco Bell Dystopia"

First panel, in shades of gray against a black background: We are looking at a skinny white androgynous person wearing a beanie and holding a taco. Looking perturbed. Facing them is a robot who we only see from behind. Robot is speaking, "Citizen. My sensors indicate that you have not been living mas."

Second panel, also in shades of gray against a black background but the robot's eyeball is red, close up & a different angle: Robot's eye is shaped like the bell of Taco Bell's logo. The robot is grinning a robot grin and carrying a gun labeled "Baja Blaster 5000" in its robot arms. Robot says, "Those who do not live sufficiently mas will be taken to the re-education center." Androgynous person looks worried and frightened. They say, "I live mas every day, I swear!"

Bottom right reads: reparrishcomics

R.E. Parrish is a cartoonist who lives in Philadelphia. She makes gag strips about literature mostly, and has drawn one graphic novella about frat boys. https://www.etsy.com/shop/reparrishcomics

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