“6 modern haiku for a taco bell drive-thru.”


my first girlfriend 
      lost her virginity 
in the restroom here.


the drive-thru intercom
has the voice of god, but
makes only half the mistakes.


the sidewalk is a poor 
kid's christmas: one flip-
flop, fire sauce, napkins.


in the mazda in front of me,
       middle-aged men snort
meth off a parking brake.


I don't know if it's any easier the longer 
you're not dead - that's why God, or the 
intercom, made the dollar menu.


for most of us there
are worse borders we
could be running to.

Brandon Thomas DiSabatino is the author of the poetry collection, “6 Weeks of White Castle /n Rust.”  His work for the theater has been performed in Cincinnati & NYC.  Other writing has appeared in Columbia Journal, RHINO, Painted Bride Quarterly, Juke Joint & New Limestone Review.  

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