Waste Hierarchy (Mild, Hot, Fire, Diablo)

A diver has been into the La Brea tar pits
where his fins stuck to the bottom and
gasses burbled on him and he emerged
looking like a newly baptized swamp monster. They
were looking for evidence from an old murder. Which
is different from new murder like tragedy plus time.
The tar pits were created as an attraction in the 1970s
with the crowning exhibit of a baby woolly mammoth
crying for its mother woolly mammoth as she gets
more and more stuck in the ooze. Taco Bell is trying
something where you can mail empty sauce packets to
a recycling plant to be made into new sauce packets. At
this point recycling feels like a rosary said after death,
Santa Maria Crunch Wrap Supreme. Like more of a
gesture. Tho evolution can be as weird as whales
descending from wolves who went back into the ocean.
In the future there might be museums with dioramas of
us crying in a pit as we struggle to put the sauce
back in its

Sam Hernandez (she/her) is a poet who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her work explores the relationship between the surreal and the mundane. She considers herself to be a nonreligious nun. 

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