TBQ5 Submission Guidelines

Taco Bell Quarterly, the literary magazine for Taco Bell Literature is open from Oct 31 to Dec 31. We pay $50 per acceptance: stories, art, comics, multimedia, flash, poetry, nonfiction, whatever you got. Don’t ask. The answer is Yes, send it.

Themes: trash discourse, capitalism, humanizing the hellscape, fast food joy, fast food depression, spooky gayness, scaring people with Baja Blast metaphors, sacks of sopping wet meat, work, sweat, sad pizza parties in the breakroom, love, sex, and more. The answer is Yes, send it.

How to Submit:

  1. send to: TacoBellQuarterly@gmail.com
  2. subject format: Submission for TBQ5: [GENRE]
  3. if rejected, send to other lit mags
  4. scare the world
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