Summer of Summer Sausages

Taco Bell Quarterly presents The Summer of Summer Sausages for Young Writers Program. We want to celebrate and congratulate writers of any age on their first publications this summer. We have 160 pounds of shelf stable meat, cheese, and fancy ass mustard to hand out. It’s a party, and to prove it, we even have olive oil and rosemary crackers.

Teachers, Literary Magazines, Parents, Friends: please nominate a writer who has a forthcoming first time publication in any genre. Taco Bell Quarterly would like to send them a celebratory gift from Hickory Farms.

Alternative: NOMINATE YOURSELF. Congratulations on your first publication, now come get your beef log that doesn’t require refrigeration FOR SOME REASON.

We ain’t skimping: recipients will receive a gift box of sausage and cheese, and a Publish Me Daddy sticker. We don’t know what that means, either. But it sounds fun. Additionally, Taco Bell Quarterly will be excited to share the publication on our social media and celebrate our Summer of Summer Sausages recipients.


Seriously? Yes.

Who can nominate? We are seeking publishers, teachers, professors, parents, friends or YOU: anyone who wishes to celebrate the success of a first publication. The cold hard truth is, for most of our first pubs, nobody really cares, except for that one teacher, your mother, or your mother’s cousin who slams that like button on everything. Taco Bell Quarterly wants to celebrate this huge accomplishment in a writer’s life.

In what genre/publication? Any genre, almost any publication. TBQ reserves the right to decline nominations if the publisher or publication is offensive, derogatory, or waaaay too far outside the scope of what we consider celebratory. Otherwise, we don’t care if it’s The New Yorker (trust, it ain’t) or the teeny tiny site run out of someone’s basement.

How? Send us an email: Please include the name of the writer, where their forthcoming publication will be published, their address, and any other information you wish to include. We would love to hear your story of why you are nominating them. Or DM us on Twitter.

Who/what are you again? We are Taco Bell Quarterly, the literary magazine for literary Taco Bell writing. We encourage writers to find their inspiration and prompts in fresh places, sow chaos and joy through their art, hustle and write mas. We have given out free tacos to rejected writers, and now we are giving out sausages to newly published writers. Please consider submitting to our literary magazine as well!

Press inquiry: Please email or follow/contact MM Carrigan, @thesurfingpizza and @TBQuarterly on Twitter.

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