THIS BLESSED Medallion, was created for Taco Bell Quarterly, hand-modeled and made in the USA. Each and every blessed medallion is custom-made from an authentic Snapple lid the editor was drinking.

The Taco Bell Quarterly Blessed Medallion is offered here exclusively and at a special price that is significantly lower than it would be in stores, and purchases of the totem help support Taco Bell Quarterly’s mission on behalf of literature and writers. The golden medallion was created expressly to benefit Taco Bell Quarterly’s efforts to encourage excellent writing and storytelling.

Blah blah blah. Inspired by lit mags that charge outrageous submission fees and flaunt gift shops stocked with gold pendants and $200 books about how to write good, Taco Bell Quarterly decided to get in on this hustle.

Proceeds from your purchase of the Blessed Medallion will pay honorariums to our contributors and volunteer Day Crew, as well as upkeep of the website and a can of Red Bull for Editor Grande Supreme.

Each custom-made blessed medallion, which is not real gold and not particularly blessed, will be shipped in a simple gift box, with a certification letter of hand-written gratitude. Bearers of the medallion may or may not recieve divine inspiration from the writing Gods, and are considered highest honored members of the #TBQFam. Although studies show low risk to your unborn baby, bearers of the medallion should avoid handling in the third trimester to avoid the child wanting to become a writer.

Buy now for $695. No, we ain’t kidding, paying artists ain’t cheap. Includes FREE shipping.

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