Day Crew

M.M. Carrigan, Editor Grande Supreme
A writer living outside of Baltimore, Maryland, who enjoys staring directly into the sun until their corneas burn out. 

Brooke Kolcow
Brooke Kolcow is a queer writer and quesadilla enthusiast who lives and works in Buffalo, NY. They earned their MFA in Creative Writing and Literature from Stony Brook University at Southampton and their work has appeared in The Southampton Review, Hoot Review, the anthology An Unlikely Companion, as well as volume one of TBQ. Mx. Kolcow currently volunteers teaching teen writers at the Just Buffalo Writing Center. @bkolcow

Katie Gilgour
A twenty-something writer, tea addict, and cat lady. Her work can be found in various publications, including OcculumThe Cerurove, and Silvae Magazine. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and their cat, Constable Chubs. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @katiegilgour, or visit her website.

Alison Fishburn
Alison has been writing plays since 2009. She holds degrees from the University of North Florida and Brooklyn College, and is currently working on a memoir about the sudden death of her younger sister (Abby Fishburn 1990-2013) as an MFA in Creative Nonfiction student at the University of King’s College in Canada. Her writing has appeared on Longreads.

Amy Barnes
Amy Barnes has words at a variety of publications including McSweeney’s “Reviews of New Foods”, The New Southern Fugitives, Flash Fiction Magazine, Museum of Americana, Robot Butt, Farm Flavor, Tiny Essays, Chowhound, Relish and Botnik Studios. She has two teenagers which means she eats a lot of Taco Bell whether she wants to or not. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @amygcb and in the Taco Bell drive-through during Happy Hour.

Meghan Leahy
Award winning therapist, author, and counselor with certifications in life, leadership, and career coaching. Meg believes in providing the skills, understanding, and resources to help people change their lives. She writes about ADHD, mental health and wellness, and when not working, does her best to put words together to conjure delight. An enthusiastic reader, she’s a big fan of hounds, oceans, quiet cocktails, and joyful adventures. And obviously, tacos. 

Courtney M. Hendrix
A human chicken nugget who lives in north Florida with her mom and the sweetest dog who ever dogged. She writes about her experiences with life, disability, mental illness, and more over on her blog, courtnuggetscribe, and does some freelance editing when she can. Presenty, she is stumbling her way through the script of a musical about mortality and Food Network, though TBQ is, quite honestly, her dream gig. 

Niki Hawes
Riding historic on the Fury Road (sweeping up trash in the drive-thru.) A jack of all trades, admin assistant, zine lover and occasional poet, they’re available to cover your shift but you *will* owe them a favour later, so bargain wisely. Witness Me on twitter @grimdarkfandang

Corey Hill
Human rights activist, journalist, parent, and occasional tree climber. Twitter: @newschill

Kate Robertson, Chief Baby LaBaby 
A journalist in Toronto, Canada. She writes about cannabis legalization and culture.

Sherry Morris
Originally from Southeast Missouri, Sherry always dreamed of making a run for the border. She made it and now lives in the Scottish Highlands where she pets cows, watches clouds and scribbles stories. Appearing in V1 of TBQ with a piece detailing her love of Chicken Meximelts and her quest to be reunited with them has been her writing apex. Her short stories and flash fiction have won prizes, placed on shortlists, longlists, and been performed in London and Scotland. Her first published short story was about her Peace Corps experience in Ukraine. She tweets @Uksherka. Her writing can be found on

Courtney Mandarino
Librarian and devotee of that bastard of cuisine, the Mexican pizza. Can usually be found buried under her two cats with a book in hand. Has written for various outlets in libraryland, although they make for dry reading if you’re not in the biz. Lover of good puns, as well as most of the bad ones.

Rob O’Hara
Rob O’Hara is a prolific writer whose comedic stories and pop culture reviews have appeared in dozens of newspapers, magazines, and books. After writing about the 1980s for almost two decades, Rob earned his Master of Professional Writing degree from the University of Oklahoma and began writing fiction. His debut novel, “The Human Library,” is currently available on Amazon. Find out more about Rob’s podcasts, books, and crazy life on his website,

Carman C. Curton

May be the only living vegetarian Taco Bell Day Crew member. She is proud to say she had a story published in TBQ volume 1 that our Editor Grande Supreme called an “evil Taco Bell origin story.” She is often found consuming caffeine while writing a series of microstories called QuickFics, which she leaves in random places for people to find. You can find her on Twitter @CarmanCCurton.

Lobby Crew

(for bitching at if issue sucks)

David Sprehe, Staff Scapegoat:

Unemployed, and lives in his parent’s basement. 

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